Technology Consulting + Advisory Group

A Unique and Diverse Firm of Experienced Real Estate professionals providing expert services and advice to real estate investors, owners, operators, and service companies that creates long term sustainable value. We can assume responsibility from a project standpoint including process improvement, organizational alignment and/or technology strategy and implementation. We are a team of independent experienced individuals whose sole focus is ensuring you achieve your goals.

Collectively, our team has over 100 years of experience within Real Estate, Technology, Accounting, and Advisory Services.

We are your trusted advisor on real estate challenges delivering meaningful results utilizing real world experience combined with a world class team.

Real Estate Technology Consulting + Advisory Group

Our technology advisory consulting real estate service encompasses the following key areas:

  1. Assessment and Strategy: We analyze a client’s current technology infrastructure, understand their goals, and devise a strategic plan to align technology with business objectives.
  2. Architecture Design: Creating a blueprint for the technology stack and determining the optimal combination of software, databases, frameworks, and servers needed to support the desired functionalities.
  3. Implementation: The time and effort required to implement new technology often exceed the expertise of in-house teams and can distract them from their core responsibilities. Our team has over 100 years of combined implementation experience. We offer full-service implementations but can design bespoke implementation programs that best suit your team. 
  4. Optimization: Like real estate, technology requires regular preventative maintenance and upgrades. This is where many organizations need to catch up. If your team isn’t getting what they want out of their existing ERP, this is often a result of a lack of maintenance and upgrades. Our team can quickly assess your existing technology stack and provide a roadmap and recommendations to address shortfalls. 
  5. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence: Leveraging data analytics tools and techniques to extract insights from data, providing clients with actionable information to make informed business decisions. We have an extensive library of pre-built Real estate-specific dashboards in Tableau and PowerBI. 
  6. Training and Support: Providing training sessions for staff to adopt new technologies, offering ongoing support, troubleshooting, and maintenance to ensure the smooth operation of implemented systems.


Business Consulting

  • Strategy
    • Strategic Development
    • Digital Strategy & Transformation
    • System & Technology Strategy
  • Operatons
    • Operational Design & Alignment
    • Operational & Technology Diagnostic
    • Revenue Optimization
    • Process Improvement
    • SG&A Rationalization
  • Software
    • Software Selection
    • Technology & Product Design
  • Program & Project Management

Technology Consulting

  • Digital Transformation
  • Cybersecurity & Trust
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization & Design
  • PropTech Strategy & Deployment
  • Software Development & Integration
  • Data Strategy

Managed Services

  • Interim CIO/CTO Services
  • Interim Cybersecurity & Trust Services
  • Trust and Security Support and Administration
  • Executive IT Leadership and Management