A comprehensive suite of services for the entire Real Estate investment lifecycle

REstack’s powerful platform delivers value to all your Real Estate portfolio needs. From fund administration to a series of investor services and more, REstack lets you focus on the Real Estate: raising capital, acquiring new assets, and managing and enhancing asset performance.

Fund Administration

Our fund administration team is a natural extension of your team, allowing you to scale effortlessly. Unlike other fund administrators, the REstack team has been on the sponsor side for decades. REstack performs all investor record keeping, fund and investment-level accounting, while all the asset management and accounting can also be within a single, integrated system. Whether you are managing income producing properties, construction projects, or debt, this platform increases your reporting and analytical capabilities, transparency, and oversight immediately. Our team of experienced professionals perform complex calculations such as NAV, waterfalls, performance fees, returns, and management fees. We work with our clients to create a bespoke offering – tailored to the needs of each business.

Investor Services: REstack offers access to a cloud-based investor portal, containing up-to-date investor information and documents, including real-time analysis of investment performance, in clear and intuitive formats. REstack lets you manage your portfolio like never before, helping you raise more capital and meet the increasing demands of investors.

Fund Launch: We act as an advisor from the beginning of your fund’s life, with advice on structure, fees, marketing, and a host of other relevant details. We’ve been where you are now – and we know how to add value to your fund, right from the first step.

Managed Services

REstack offers access to our fully configured suite of Yardi products to manage the entire investment cycle – from initial fundraising through to property, debt, construction and capex, leasing, forecasting, accounting and performance management. This turnkey solution allows you to leap past lengthy and costly implementations, offering savings upwards of 60%.

For managers of smaller (and growing) investments and funds, REstack offers an institutional-grade platform that was previously out of reach – with more manageable minimums, and the power to scale smoothly.


More and more Real Estate investment managers are outsourcing non-core functions of their business. Reasons include:

Increased pressure from limited partners (LPs)

Rising technology costs

Improving investor reporting, clarity, and timeliness

Cost reduction initiatives

REstack’s team of experienced Real Estate finance professionals reduce the administrative burden on you and your team so that you can spend more time raising and deploying capital. As an extension of our fund administration services, we work with you to develop a bespoke outsourcing solution that allows you to focus on your core business.