February 3, 2021

Launch Announcement

Do you see your real estate clearly? Do you have the information you need to support your decision-making?

Being a real estate investment manager is not without its challenges. The process can be long and requires skills including asset selection, equity and debt raise, deal negotiation and closure, in addition to the post acquisition skills needed to build a robust asset plan, tenant management, space and lease management and investor reporting all working together to generate maximum returns for your investors. COVID has made matters even harder with remote working, tenant rent collection and defaults, travel restrictions, etc.

Historically managers have sought to complete these tasks in-house and build a team of multi-skilled experts working hopefully in a collaborative environment to drive successful outcomes. Most of this work is done manually, with little if any integration of processes and systems, and ends up as a time-consuming and expensive solution. Too much time is spent managing data and getting good information to support decision-making.

Technology aka proptech, has finally entered the real estate space with amazing solutions now available to tackle these challenges. A vast array of options are available but building these platforms in-house is time consuming and expensive. Even if the capital and talent is available to deploy these solutions, the challenge remains to integrate the components and maintain the quality of your data. Data integrity becomes an ongoing challenge and few ‘single source of truth’ solutions are available. Integrations and exports are often clunky and data is not real time. Finding a working interface to collate, verify, report, and view the data can be difficult.

How do we know this? Because we’ve been there – our team has built and grown real estate investment management platforms globally for over 25 years. Today we are excited to announce the launch of REstack. We can now provide real estate investment managers with a customised solution through access to our cloud-based, ‘single source of truth’ operating platform and fund administration services.

REstack provides a plug and play, institutional quality, real estate operating platform that covers the three core stacks – Investor, Investment, and Asset. We have developed an advanced solution on Yardi Voyager, enabling us to provide an integrated platform for capital raising and managing investor relations; for fund accounting and administration services; and to perform all day-to-day property accounting, tenant retention, leasing, and capital project management. Our clients access this information in a modern, cloud-based, easy to use dashboard. We work in partnership with clients to manage their real estate operating needs.

The REstack platform frees up the investment manager’s time to focus on the real estate, while we focus on the back and mid-office.

We started REstack to provide real estate investment managers of all sizes access to a robust and scalable operating platform with the support of an experienced real estate team. If you are interested in finding out more, please reach out to find out how we can help you see your Real Estate clearly.

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